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9 Lessons Your Parents Teach You About Compact Pushchair

Compact Pushchair Reviews

A compact stroller that is lightweight will be an ideal option for those who often travel via public transport or by car. They are easy to fold and store and less likely to be damaged by baggage handlers.

These strollers that are lightweight are comfortable and easy to maneuver over cobblestones. Additionally, they can be easily stored in overhead compartments of planes.


The best compact pushchairs are light to carry and, more importantly, they are easy to fold. Often they have a simple one-handed fold and take up less space when folded than full-size buggies. They are a good choice for those who don’t have a lot of space in your home, or if you’re concerned about space limitations when traveling.

Some have a small footprint when closed, which makes them perfect for small spaces. These are the best option if you have an apartment, or want something lightweight and agile for walking around. They aren’t ideal for older children who have to extend their legs in order to move around.

There are a variety of folds to choose from, some can be done with one hand and others require two hands or more effort. Some are designed to be as small as they are able to be, which means they can be tucked away in the cabin baggage allowances on many flights or be carried on your back using a strap or handle.

In terms of a very lightweight pushchair, our favourite is the Silver Cross Dune. The Silver Cross Dune is a compact pushchair that offers all the thoughtful features and smart design you’d expect from this heritage brand. It comes with an easy-to-use fold and, like the Contours Itsy comes fully assembled inside the box. It’s a great option for parents who plan to travel a lot with their baby and can be tucked away in the majority of car boot spaces and trunk spaces.

Another good alternative is another option is the Cybex Mios, which straddles both types of pushchairs to provide an all-purpose travel system that has mobility and a small fold. It can be used in a parent-facing mode right from birth and switched to a world-facing position when your child grows older. It also has an excellent reclining feature that is nap-worthy. It’s not as compact as the Libelle however it’s smaller and more comfortable to use on flat surfaces. It’s not suited for rough terrain. Another benefit is the low cost and outstanding durability tests.

Easy to store

The Joie Pact Pro makes the perfect travel buggy. It folds so small it can fit into an overhead compartment for luggage and weighs so light that you won’t even notice it in your boot. It is also a good stroller for daily use. Our test-driver Hollie found it easy to steer, even when juggling a one-year-old. She appreciated the adjustable handle and lockable wheels however, she said it’s not the most comfortable seat. However, she also appreciates the ability to include extras like the washable, reversible seat liner, rain cover and a foot muff.

The Babyzen YoYO is a different, impressively compact fold pushchair. It’s not as streamlined as the Cybex Libelle but it’s still an attractive package that can easily slide into car boot and trunks. It provides more options for babies when compared to other buggies. You can also add the bassinet or cot for newborns, as well as a bespoke ride on board for older kids and a tandem seat adapter.

It’s not the smallest buggy for driving on uneven or rough terrain, and its tinier wheels don’t work as well as some other models we’ve tested. It is still a very maneuverable pushchair, and the YOYO does a great job in narrow aisles and muddy paths. It’s perfect for a holiday or city break.

The Cosatto Bee6 offers a remarkably simplified list of features for its affordable price. It can be folded to the size and weight of a large bag, and is easy to transport on planes and trains. It’s also very easy to operate and our MFM reviewer Matt found it a pleasure to steer, even with a heavy toddler in the. The hood is another benefit, since it can be lowered to shade you and protect from sun and rain. It’s also great for naps. Its only downside is that there isn’t a storage space under the seat, and you have to carry or delicately hang your bag on the handlebars (against the advice of a professional!). You can also buy an additional changing bag holder for this buggy to make it a fantastic holiday buggy.

Easy to maneuver

The wheels on compact pushchairs may appear small, but they typically perform surprisingly well, navigating narrow aisles of shopping or rough terrain effortlessly. The Micralite is a perfect example. Despite having small wheels, it can navigate bumpy roads easily and sharply turn on narrow roads, and take on a bit of gravel without much difficulty. It also has a slick steering system that is a breeze to steer with one hand. And it folds down into a neat and compact package which is easily fit into its bag for transport.

Most compact pushchairs are designed for older babies and toddlers, but an increasing number offer a lie-flat seating or the option of adding an extra carrycot (or baby car seat) to allow them to be used from the time of birth. These Z fold buggies or concertinas are typically light and weigh between 6 and 8 kg. They can also be accepted for use in cabins by a number of airlines. MFM Editor Gemma has used hers on numerous occasions and says it’s extremely easy to use and pack away.

If you are looking for a compact fold then the YOYO is a great choice. It was the first buggy to feature this feature. It’s still a popular choice for parents, with many choosing it over its competitors thanks to its clever details and superior functionality. It’s a great choice for frequent travellers, especially if you want to avoid the hassle of waiting in line at baggage collection and instead take your stroller with you on the plane.

The YOYO is also available in a very compact size, and fits into the bag easily and with enough space. It is a great option for frequent travelers, especially those who have to pack a lot of things in their luggage. It’s also extremely adaptable. You can buy many accessories, including a bassinet for your baby, a custom riding board and twin travel bundles to turn it into tandem. You can also buy pushchair an umbrella and rain cover to ensure your safety.


For parents wanting a lightweight, compact pushchair that’s easy to use and fits into the trunk of their car, our review expert, Hollie, recommends this Silver Cross model. The Silver Cross model’s maneuverability and reclined seat were among the best of our tests. It also has a handy tray for parents and a storage basket that can accommodate small backpacks, and it has great sun cover options (including a one-piece hood) and padded straps that help your child be comfortable.

Some compact-fold pushchairs fold down to a size that makes them suitable for air travel in a cabin which is ideal if you frequently travel or have a limited car space in the boot. They’re typically lightweight to make them easy to carry around and can be used with a travel system if you choose a version with a lie-flat seat unit, or has an optional newborn pod or one of two luxury folding carrycots.

The most important thing to remember when looking for a travel buggy is that not all models are equal. Some brands claim that their compact-folding pushchair pushchairs are able to fold with just one hand. Others might require more effort or two hands to fold it. Check if the buggy’s seat reclines. Some are completely flat, while others have a slight recline. This could be okay for toddlers, but not suitable for younger babies.

Check that the model you pick is suitable for your travel plans. For instance when your destination is hot, you should look for a model with a mesh fabric vented to keep your child cool. If you’re planning to travel somewhere that is wet or windy, you should make sure that the pushchair is equipped with a cover designed for it. Covers that are generic won’t fit and may let water in.

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The Most Common Mistakes People Make With Stroller Pushchair

Choosing a Stroller

If you’ve kept your pushchair for a long time it might be damp and mildewed. Begin by removing any mould or mildew that has escaped before washing it with soapy water and drying the fabric thoroughly outside.

If you are required to maneuver through the stairs or in doorways, then you should look for a stroller that is light and is easy to navigate. The best ones fold like an umbrella and can be carried using just one hand.

Easy to Manoeuvre

The decision of choosing the right set of wheels for your bub is a daunting job. With such a variety of styles and brands available, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by choice, but you don’t want strollers that slow you down or make life more difficult for you and your family.

The right pushchair should be lightweight and easy to maneuver, as well as suitable for your lifestyle. It must also be durable and a design that you’ll love for several years down the line. If you are a athlete, a jogger style pushchair may be the best choice. A three-wheeled stroller that has active hand brakes is perfect for parents that like to stop and begin quickly.

If you plan to travel with your child you’ll need a stroller that can be used as a travel system. This can be gate-checked at the airport and then used at your destination. Look for a lightweight model with compact folding and the option of tying on an infant car seat or carrycot. It should be strong enough to withstand bumpy roads, and be able to be easily inserted into the car without taking up too much space in the boot of your car.

A pram is made specifically for infants and newborns and offers a lie-flat seating option to ensure that your child can sleep comfortably for as long as they want. Some are suitable for infants and come with a carrying cot and some require the carrycot be purchased separately. Be aware that babies must be able to lie flat for the first six months of their life in a pushchair or pram to help their spinal and lungs develop.

The Contours Itsy is a great choice if you want a lightweight comfortable buggy to keep up with your busy life. It’s over 1kg lighter than Silver Cross’ popular umbrella-folding Pop, and has a single-handed fold and collapses to cabin luggage size, making it perfect for storage or travel. The sleek chassis, tiny hood and lack of storage are its main disadvantages. However it does come with a cup holder with padded straps, as well as pockets.


When it comes to selecting a pushchair, the choices are endless. Parents of new babies may be overwhelmed by the wide variety of colours, accessories and other features. One thing that is often not thought of however, it could be an enormous help, is an adjustable handlebar. This will allow your partner or children, or anyone else using the pushchair to adjust the height they prefer.

Another thing to consider is how lightweight umbrella strollers the pushchair is. This will make it easier to move around, and also kinder to your back. It is important to remember that the more components your pushchair contains, the heavier it will be.

A good example of a light-weight pushchair is the Babyzen Yoyo2, which folds into a tiny package that is easy to stash in the car boot or overhead bin. It also comes with a wide range of accessories including a bassinet for newborns and a rain cover, meaning it can function as a pram from birth to toddler-hood.

The Bugaboo 5 is the perfect stroller for your growing child. This all-terrain pushchair features wheels that are puncture-proof, which means you can take on any terrain, even cobblestones and uneven ground. The company’s zero-carbon footprint policy is a great choice for families looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

It’s essential to select a lightweight stroller that’s easy-to-clean. Some can be cleaned using water, while others require specialized cleaners. One tip is to use disinfecting wipes on all hard plastic or metal parts of the pushchair. This will ensure that all germs are eliminated and the surface is clean.

While some odours and stains are inevitable but regular cleaning will keep your pushchair looking nice. If you’ve been struggling with difficult stains or odours, try adding some bicarbonate of soda to your wash. It neutralizes odours and lift dirt that may have been left behind from spills or accidents.

Easy to clean

A stroller is often used by babies and toddlers so you’re bound to find plenty of dirt, crumbs and staining. Most parts of the stroller can be cleaned, however it’s best to do it on a flat surface and away from the seat fabric. If you’re unsure of what to do to clean your stroller, try using a soft, lukewarm cloth with a small pushchair amount of soap or detergent. Always test the soap in a quiet area before proceeding. You can also use household items such as a toothbrush or bamboo grilling skewers for getting into the nooks and crevices.

Sprinkle baking soda over the fabric prior to vacuuming. This method can also be used to eliminate smells from your stroller. If you have a stroller with hoods it is important to clean off any mildew or mould that is loose frequently, as it may get trapped in the cracks and crevices. The brushes are typically located in the cleaning area of your local baby shop.

The most important thing to do when washing a fabric stroller is to use a safe fabric cleaning agent. If you’re not sure of the cleaning requirements for your particular stroller It’s best to consult the manufacturer’s website or a retailer’s FAQ page to find out the requirements. For most fabric strollers are safe to machine wash the fabrics on a gentle cycle using cold water. You should avoid drying with bleach, tumble-drying or dry cleaning as these can damage the fabric.

Most stroller manufacturers recommend that you treat stains using a solution equal parts of water and laundry liquid prior to wash them. You should also dry the stroller’s fabric in the sun to keep any remaining moisture from becoming mouldy or susceptible to shrinking.

It’s a great idea to check the brakes and wheels prior to placing your stroller together. Small pieces of glass can become stuck in the wheels, which can affect the speed at which the stroller can move and how the brakes work. A spray of WD-40 or the recommended lubricant by the manufacturer should help to free any obstructed areas.


All-terrain pushchairs are the best option if you reside in the countryside or frequently take off-road trips. These pushchairs are equipped with special features, such as strong suspension systems and large tyres that are air-filled and can take on rough terrain without puncturing. These pushchairs can keep the front wheel in a straight-forward position, making them much easier to maneuver. They also tend to have more cushioning than traditional strollers or joggers, which can help protect your baby from bumps and a bumpy ride.

Another feature to look out for in an all-terrain pushchair is a recline seat. This will help to ensure that your child is comfortable throughout the entire trip, whether you’re walking through the city or in the countryside. Some pushchairs are equipped with a canopy that keeps your child safe from the sun. This is a good idea if you plan to spend lots of time outside during the sun-soaked day.

It’s worth buying an easy-to-fold pushchair when you intend to use it regularly. You’ll save time as you don’t need to lift the pushchair into and out of the car. It is also easier to move the chair up and down stairs as well as escalators. You may even want to consider the travel system, which is a pushchair compatible with an infant car seat.

There are many different all-terrain pushchairs on the market, including those from Out ‘n’ About, UPPAbaby and Mountain Buggy. These pushchairs are designed to to handle a variety of surfaces and have many extra features, like high-performance suspension, a 360-degree swivel lockable front wheel and foam-filled never flat tyres. These pushchairs are perfect if you plan to do some off-roading, or running after your baby is old enough.

Another option is to buy an all-terrain pushchair that’s just a small amount lighter and less bulky than those from the top brands. These strollers can handle different terrains, but are more compact and easy to handle. These strollers can be folded with just one hand, and then stand up on their own.