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Is it Dangerous to Have Unprotected Sex With Boyfriend or Husband During Your Period

This issue is very interesting for you, and you’re searching for the answers and possible solutions. What there is to do when you have unprotected sex on period? Here you will find what’s been bothering you, for example, can you postpone menstruation, how sperm behaves and discussing about this with your man.

So, let me tell you something about postponing your menstruation. Certain brands of oral contraceptives allow you the option of extending the time between your periods. Depending on the type you choose, menstrual cycles may become postponed or completely disappear. But, every method has its side effects, so it is very important to discuss about this with your doctor before taking the prescription. Take it seriously, and don’t do it on your own.

If you had unprotected sex, here are few lines about how is sperm behaving. Sperm has the amazing ability to live for a couple of days inside of the woman’s body, which is why you can get pregnant on your period. Semen comes equipped with a food supply for the sperm, so they have the energy to make it for a while. This amazing biological fact means that you can get pregnant on a different day than when you had sexual intercourse. That sounds strange, but it is a true fact.

The most important thing for you to do when it is about sex on period is to discuss it with your partner. Menstruation may be an uncomfortable topic for some people, so it is important to talk to your partner in case he is not comfortable having sex during your menstrual cycle. It’s not a good idea for everyone and of course that there are ones who don’t want to do this. Still, there is one amazing thing that you can do while you’re on your period – oral sex.

Yes, blowjob is the best thing that you can do while you’re on your period. Not only that, but if you learn how to give amazing blowjobs, your man will adore you and he will never look any other woman, EVER. Since I’m the guy, I can assure you that blowjob is the best thing that man can experience. Yes, sometimes it is even better than sex. Of course, you need to improve your blowjob skills if you want to satisfy your man. Bad blowjobs can only make it worse. So if, you’re giving shitty blowjobs, stop it, read these tips for the next few minutes and start your journey of becoming a blowjob queen.

Here, I will give you 3 things that you need to stop doing when you’re giving head.

1) Being in a wrong and monotone blowjob position

Being in a good position is very important. Men are visual and to completely enjoy your blowjob, we need to see you in the right position. So, if we can’t see your pretty face and lips doing the thing, then your blowjob isn’t good enough. Also you need to look him straight into eyes. Once you do these things, he will explode like a time bomb and he will never forget that amazing blowjob you gave him.

2) Confused and scared faces

If there is an unwritten rule of every bad blowjob, then this is the one. If you’re making this kind of faces, stop it. It’s not just important to focus on a blowjob, but also on your facial expressions while you’re giving it. Men can see it, men can feel it.

3) Having a shitty attitude

If you still think a blowjob is disgusting thing, then you must change your attitude. Blowjobs are all about attitude, seriously. Once you look like you’re eating your favorite ice-cream, your man will have the ultimate pleasure.

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